martes, 28 de mayo de 2013


The ridicule of the undiscerning

 Tagging lies have proven to be the most effective means of deception.

Finding names, placing tags. . .
The Bible, our Holy Book and main source of inspiration is being ridiculed beyond measure. Clergymen like the one pictured above, Monsignor Bernard Fellay, head of the FSSPX is either unaware of the Bible's clear messages for our times, of our time's identity in Scripture, or he simply can't read. Incredible?

His religious order disagrees both, with modernism, and with the heretical, apostatizing content of the new doctrines of the Second Vatican Council, and its aftermath doctrinal expressions, and with the popes that have made this council the New Carta Magna of the Catholic Church. However, unbiblical and undiscerning, he, and his FSSPX insist on tagging as "popes" the series of usurpers described in the Gospel as The Abomination of Desolation in the Holy Place (Mathew 24:15). This, when, of course, the abomination cited can only be identified by the heresies and the apostasy of the Council!

In other words, you can't legitimately separate the Council's creed as fact from its subscribers and expounders, the malefactors (the "popes" risen to proclaim and expound the desolation's abominations) as they are one.

viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013


Suspect the Devil for the worst and thou wilt not fail!

"The Church will weep. The day is far off, but it will arrive without fault and near the day when two begin to make themselves sovereigns, but their days will not be many. You will see a sign, but you will not acknowledge it. However, do take note: In those times, women will dress like men and men like women." (Saint Vincent Ferrer 1350-1416)
The sign, the great unacknowledged sign has been the Second Vatican Council, And now, with Benedict returning to the Vatican we have two "sovereigns" living there. The plot, as we shall see, was well under way five decades before on the Council floor. The other sign of chaos —dress—has been carried further towards homosexual "marriage"

A Vatican Sham
 Vatican II was the fulfillment of prophesy; of Gospel prophesy, of Pauline prophesy, of La Salette. It was to deny the divinity of Christ and the exclusive titles of the only church founded by Him by an artifice called ecumenism. It was to deny religious significance by substituting religious truth by its opposite: religious liberty —(imagine the school board celebrating liberty by accepting any digit as a result for 2 + 2 together with four!)